The making of our latest flyers

In the last few weeks you may have started to spot flyers for our upcoming exhibition, Brutalust: Celebrating Southampton’s Post-War Architecture, in venues around Southampton.

We thought we’d do something a little different for these. And inspired by the low fi techniques you might have used at school to take bark rubbings from a tree we decided to give the format a 21st century twist and create 600 flyers which were individually unique.

In order to capture some relevant imagery for the exhibition, we decided to head over to Southampton’s brutalist masterpiece, Wyndham Court. We set about using relief ink on rollers to capture the texture of the concrete that makes up the Wyndham Court development.
Working to a finished A6 size meant that we could get four flyers to a single sheet of A4. Once we’d finished collecting textures from onsite we headed back to the studio to let them dry. The next stage was to put them all through the risograph to print the text over the top. Although made largely redundant by digital printing techniques. Risographs work very similar to a photocopier but print in just one colour at a time, meaning that a multiple colour design would need to be printed one layer at a time. Three different coloured inks were used with the rollers, blue, pink and green, all mixed ourselves from process colours. Finally all the overprinting with the riso was done in black.

Once the design was finalised and scanned into the riso, the front and backs of the flyers were printed. The final stage was to trim the A4 pages down into A6 flyers, which meant a debut for Badger Press’s new guillotine that thankfully is able to cut through about 50 sheets at once.

We are delighted with the results. In collaboration with Badger Press, a fine art print studio based in Bishop’s Waltham, the flyers are printed on two different paper stocks, grey chromika and ivory image coloraction 160gsm, both intended to represent the concrete colours in post-war architecture. Each flyer is different, with no two being the same as one another, making them unique, collectable artworks.

To view more images of the process and see what the finish items turned out like see our flick album here.

Brutalust: Celebrating Southampton’s Post-War Architecture opens at K6 Gallery, Southampton on 10th January with a talk by Owen Hatherley and will run until 7th April 2016.

With special thanks to Badger Press. For more information visit

Photo credit: Adam Eager

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