Launch of Cast

Join us at 6pm on Friday 28th September for the opening of our latest exhibition, Cast, by Kane Applegate and Robin Price.

We’ll meet at the phone boxes at 6pm then head to a nearby pub afterwards.

Cast is the first instalment of a two-part, mini exhibition series at K6 Gallery that celebrates Southampton’s emerging artists. The artworks on show were selected from a recent exhibition of work by Fine Art graduates in the city, Ripe Bananas #01, which was organised by ‘a space’ arts at the Alfred Arcade on Old Northam Road. For Cast, the work has been reimagined and reinstalled in our unique gallery space.

As part of their evolving collective art practice, Kane Applegate and Robin Price have been helping each other make plaster casts of their own bodies. The process is long and difficult; each of the artists must hold a single position for nearly nine hours, whilst the other covers parts of their body in plaster. This durational, performative process is integral to the work; the art objects themselves are what remains.

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