The Tardi(nes)s*: Paul Vivian

21/10/16 - 14/01/17

*Time and Relative Digression(s) in (never empty solitary) Space.

As part of the Southampton Fringe locally based artist Paul Vivian has responded to the overriding theme of the British Art Show.

Two telephone boxes (K6 Gallery) have been transformed in to spaces of immersive otherness. Based loosely on the concept of Doctor Who’s Tardis and Michel Foucault’s theories of ‘Heterotopia’, an idea that seeks, through practice, to change spaces from their expected use to spaces of revolution and dynamism these two spaces aim to be radically altered.

On entering either space you are confronted with a universe of stuff all of which is suspended in the dark void of space. Here the detritus of the streets, the ruins of the everyday float listless and absent-mindedly in a cosmos, with us at its centre.

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