The Sensitive Plant

27/09/2019 - 17/01//2020

Our new exhibition explores the human relationship with houseplants, and features a collection of works with domestic plants as their subject, uncovering the dialogue we share with them.

‘….Only overheard the sweet nightingale
Ever sang more sweet as the day might fail,
And snatches of its Elysian chant
Were mixed with the dreams of the Sensitive Plant….’
Percy Shelley, The Sensitive Plant, 1820.

Brought indoors for ornamental purposes, plants have become our familiar companions, embodying a sense of wellbeing and providing consolation for our woes. They fulfil our yearning for control by representing the natural world in a manageable way: wild and captive all at once.

The relationship between people and house plants is reciprocal by nature – we tend to them as they purify our air and make our homes greener. They are at once beautiful and purposeful, providing sympathetic companionship to our busy lives and connecting us to nature in a digital age.

Featuring visual works by Elisabeth Bukanova, Rachel Victoria Hillis, and Luke Stephenson, and an audio installation of music generated by plants in collaboration with online streaming service Plants FM.

Image credit: Rachel Victoria Hillis


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