Stuffed by Rosina Godwin and Rachel Sheldrake

08/06/2018 - 08/09/2018

‘Stuffed’ brings together the work of two feminist textile artists, Rosina Godwin and Rachel Sheldrake. Marrying repulsion with desire, Rosina and Rachel disturb conventional notions of femininity by using these conventions as tools to construct grotesque and unsettling forms.

Hijacking crafts and colours historically and stereotypically associated with femininity, Rosina and Rachel’s knitted pink and nude bulbous forms echo that of a maternal body, stretched and stuffed. Bursting at the seams and against the windows of the gallery, these tactile sculptures are visceral and grotesque.

The work evokes notions of Julia Kristeva’s theory of the abject. In her seminal text, Powers of Horror: an essay on abstraction, Kristeva explores the simultaneously enticing and repulsive concept of ‘the abject’ – a form of horror which takes many forms, but essentially is based in the disturbance of the body.

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