(re)construction: Abigail Day & Amy Scott-Pillow

02/03/2018 - 01/06/2018

(re)construction brings together the work of two emerging artists: Abigail Day and Amy Scott-Pillow. Both artists deal with issues surrounding demolition and re-generation, and both are concerned with the cultural and social functions of public spaces and community buildings.

Abigail’s practice draws inspiration from architecture, in particular, Modernist and Brutalist, and urban landscapes, including car parks, bollards and tower blocks. Abigail primarily works with building materials such as concrete, with the incorporation of wax as a physical representation of negative space. This juxtaposition gives these cold, hard materials a more human and tactile element.

For this exhibition, Abigail has revisited a project that responded to the demolition of the Tricorn Shopping Centre car park in Portsmouth. These pieces are scaled down representations of car parking spaces, taking inspiration from the site (and short lived life) of the Tricorn. The works were originally pure cast concrete, demolished and destroyed by processes such as hammering, driving over and smashing. The remaining shattered pieces were then set/cast in wax, recreating the original

Amy’s practice is influenced by her family history and inheritance, which is deeply rooted in Southampton and its communities. Paradoxically, her work is an exercise in attempting to reconnect with these histories whilst simultaneously maintaining a distance. Drawing inspiration and imagery from local archives, found objects and architecture, she replicates objects, signage and advertisements to form new narratives.

For this exhibition, Amy has produced three works that relate to Southampton’s social history. The first is a wooden sign that reads ‘The Hope’. It has been recreated in detail from archival photographs from the 1950’s of a pub where Amy’s grandad used to work; the name is fictional. She has also made a welcome mat adorned with the phrase ‘Always Served Here’; as well as beer mats, printed with the image of an iconic ale advertisement that reads: ‘In the heart of the Strong Country’.

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