Southampton: 2117, Speculative Futures

09/12/2017 - 02/03/2018

Who decides what the future looks like? is it an inevitable condition that’s been shaped by those is power or does is respond to the imagination of the current generation? It is clear that a big part of change relies on the power of imagination, on those who have been able to find speculative alternatives to current issues.

Southampton is an exceptional city with a strong connection to several layers of history, both in its urbanism and architecture as well as in its development as a city. Southampton is a clear example of resilience and rebirth where its streets speak loud and clear a story that needs to be told: one of a city that acknowledges change. From the Bargate Centre to the new WestQuay Watermark development, to its secret gardens and an impressive view of the sea, Southampton represents continuous change, hence: a city with a view of the future.

Which current problems need to be addressed and how will we be able to solve them? How will we face the current socio-political changes and how will they influence the shape of the city? but more importantly: how will Southampton will look like in a hundred years? To be able to give an answer to these questions we approached several professionals of diverse areas to imagine what the future could look like and define the aesthetics of this city.

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